Friday, February 13, 2009

Hanging On

I know it has been forever since i posted.
I've thought about it and meant too, but I've just been so busy.
Work is good. I'm back in the routine and, dare I say it, enjoying it. Some stuff has changed, but I'm busy and happy and laughing a lot. And, it's nice to wear heels and nice clothes and worry about makeup. I love that stuff.
I miss my kids during the day, but I'm more excited when I get home. And, I don't miss the battles to get Doodle out the door to school. I do miss saying hi to his teacher and the other moms.
And, I'm excited that tomorrow is Valentine's. I get to go on a date with my sweetie. Our amazing nanny offered to watch the kids, even though it's Saturday and her day off. We said maybe, but when she offered 2 more times we decided that she was okay with it. We're going to a restaurant I've been dying to go to. It's a restaurant that used to be a dive, but has been made over into a pretty swanky place.
So, I plan to abandon my diet (to a point) and just enjoy the evening. I'm definitely going for something extravagantly chocolaty for dessert! Yum.
Otherwise things are going well. Maybe it's the change in the weather but everyone has been in better moods. I'm still following my diet program, and I've even started going back to the gym a bit.
And, the kids ...
The baby just got her 8th tooth. Seriously. She's 10.5 months and has 8 teeth. It's insane. I went out and bought her a special teething toy (Sophie the Giraffe) since she's been biting us. The biting has stopped so we're happy.
And Doodle? He has a girlfriend.
More on that later.

Happy Valentine's!

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