Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stupid Parenting

I try to be a good parent.
I'm not perfect, but I do try my best.
So, tonight when we decided to go to Bad Boy to look at appliances we made a big deal of it so that Doodle would be excited to go.
It went well for quite awhile.
He sat in comfy couches and watched the Matrix while Mike, Coco and I looked at washers and dryers.
For close to an hour we had a really easy visit.
And then it came time to figure out the financial stuff. I was fully involved in the negotiating process. And then we debated. And debated some more and made a decision.
Voila ...

Nice, eh?
Once we got through negotiation we had to figure out paying and delivery and about a million other things that should have take 5 minutes but took 45.
So, in my attempt to be a good parent, especially since it was approaching bedtime, I entertained my kids. Somehow that turned into playing hide and go seek with my 4 year old.
It was fun till I lost him.
He was hidden, thank God, in a bedroom set. I walked past the set 5 times, but did not see him.
It took Mike and I, 5 staff members and some freaking out to discover him.
What was I thinking? Seriously.
We were having fun. Until I lost my kid. And ran around the store panicking.
And that was my stupid parenting decision of the night.
Who found him? A sales associate who totally guessed where he would hide. Smart guy.
We left moments after and decided to watch a video in the van while Phat Daddy finished the transaction.


SciFi Dad said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. I'd wager that it wasn't the first time a kid hid in that bedroom set if the guy knew where to look for him.

Steph said...

Oh dear!

Love the new machines. We were looking at the Whirlpool Duet HTs at Sears, FutureShop and The Brick two weekends ago but I couldn't decide.

citygirl said...

LOVE your machines. I have serious envy.

I don't think your parenting is stupid at all. Hey, you made the situation fun and it had a little whoops. At least everything turned out fine.

Still envious of machines...

Anonymous said...

First thoughts: He he he.

Second thoughts: Yikes... Poor you.

The concept of playing hide and seek in a place like that is very cool and was probably lots of fun, but having lost a child in a huge place like that, I feel the terror and embarassment you must have felt when you realized he was not coming out of hiding.

Hope you recovered.