Monday, March 30, 2009

A Birthday Weekend

This weekend was Coco's 1st birthday. Specifically her birthday was on Saturday, but the celebrations started on Friday night when my sister hosted an amazing party!

I really wanted to do something special for Coco without tons and tons of people. And, since Coco and her uncle have birthdays that fall one day apart we celebrated both.

On Saturday we had some family time. we got ready for the open house first birthday and we spent some time at the garden store, which surprisingly both kids loved.
We ended up planting some flowers and getting our house looking spring like. We haven't started planting our garden yet, but we
did get our house in better shape, and I went a little crazy with Easter Eggs.

But, of course the important part was our birthday girl. Can you believe she is 1 already? I can't.

1 comment:

SciFi Dad said...

Wow... she's really starting to look like her brother.

Sounds like a fun weekend.