Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today my son turns five. Five!
How did that happen? Seriously. Five.
I know how my niece is feeling! It's shocking.

And what a year this past one has been.
Matt (who has told me not to call him Doodle, so okay) became a big brother just before he turned 4. And, to see him as a big brother warms my heart. He's kind and he's loving. And, he is protective. I can't tell you the number of times he's caught her from putting stuff in her mouth, has helped her get up when trying to stand.

This year we learned a lot about Matt and his brain.
We learned he is smart. So so smart. He started jk and despite a bit of a rocky start he has flourished. We've discovered that he loves math and science. He absolutely loves to learn about anatomy.
We started to realize that when he was obsessed with the model of a brain at his daycare.
But this fascination with all things anatomy continued. He loves skeletons. That was his halloween costume. He reads body books whenever we go to the library, and has been known to sit and flip through various books about bones when we ask him to read quietly. In fact, when we go to our naturpath he always asks to read her "body book" which is a pictoral representation of the body's different system. It's amazing to me.
This flows nicely into school. In a meeting the other day his teacher told us that February was "love month" and they didn't do any science. And, he missed his science.
I don't know where this came from. Not me. I think my 5 year old knows more about biology than I do.

Matt is starting to read. He's starting to print. He's doing math. It all amazes me!

And, then there are the other things he tries. He's done karate, swimming & gymnastics. They aren't all a hit, but he's tried them. And that makes me proud. He's been asking about violin lessons lately. So we may give that a try.

All in all, it's been a year. Being home with Matt, watching him grow as a person, a brother, my child and my friend ... it's been amazing. I can't wait to see what this year holds for him.

Happy Birthday!


SciFi Dad said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

(also? FIVE?!? Seriously?)

Kerry J. said...

Happy Birthday to Matt!!! And seriously, about the where he gets the biology thing - I`m not even going to bring up the whole ear incident (laughing with you not at you!)!!

Badness Jones said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Isn't it scary how fast they grow up?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt! The big 5... going on 25, hence the "don't call me doodle" line.