Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poof Butt & Pricetag

My son has never had a comfort item.
Well, there's the soother. Don't get me started on that one.
But, he's never had a stuffed animal that he's truly attached to. He's had toys he loved, but no real object we can't live without.
I had Paddington bear.
My sister had her yellow blanket.
But Doodle, nothing.
Until we had our princess. And she got some stuffed animals.
Two of them were little stuffed dogs. And, a few months ago Doodle discovered them.
I asked him their names and he said "Poof Butt" and "Price tag" - I don't know why.
But, in the past few months he's become totally attached to these dogs. They go everywhere. He sleeps with them at night. He brings them to school for quiet time. When we go out he brings them up to the baby's crib and makes sure they are comfortable and sleeping.
But the names????
It kills me every.single.time he tells people their names.
"What? Poof what?"
I have no idea how long this obsession will last. But, I like it!


SciFi Dad said...

I am SO giving my son a stuffed animal called Poof Butt.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

OMG, that is hilarious. Kids really do come up with the funniest names. Bunny came up with an imaginary friend named...ready for it? DOLLARSTORE JOHN. You'd think we shop at the dollar store all the time or something!

Badness Jones said...

He's delicious! Poof-butt, I love it! My daughter used to take socks to preschool in a purple purse to sleep with instead of a stuffed animal or blanket, so we're good with the weird here!

citygirl said...

My niece had an imaginary friend named "Ska". Ska?? Like ska-punk?

Anonymous said...

He he he.

Linus has become VERY attached to a white kitty he's had for years. It's name is Sophie, but he calls it Zoey. It has replaced his blankie which he could not live without. We know that Sophie/Zoey is so very important because he gives her his blankie to sleep with.

Poof Butt. LOL.