Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Day Thus Far

It's not even 1pm.
How did I start my day? By my tooth chipping while eating oatmeal. Ouch! I LOATHE the dentist and could not bring myself to go to my pre-pregnancy dentist. So I called Doodle's dentist (why yes, a children's specialist who has someone on staff who works on calming fears) who happened to have a cancellation and who were willing to take me on as a patient.
Then my mom came for coffee and Doodle had a complete meltdown. A meltdown that not even Spongebob could fix.
Then we walked to the mall to buy formula (since my mom and Mike will be watching the baby while I go for a marathon dental appointment) and they did not have the kind I wanted. Nor did they have the small size so we could see if she likes it.
Why didn't I pump then?? Ha. I tried. But today my pump broke. Not that it was doing anything. Apparently I only lactate for my child. I tried pumping 3 times before it stopped working. NOT A DROP.
Then the guy came to clean our couch, chair and rug.
The chair and rug are clean.
The couch is "too far gone" and he offered to charge me $150 to attempt the couch, but didn't think it would do me any good.
I give up.
I'm hoping for the best this afternoon!


LoriD said...

whoo boy... not a great start to the day! That sucks about the couch. Perhaps a nice slip cover? Hopefully the afternoon is better.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Oh man! What a day.
I agree with Lori, if a new couch isn't in order, then slip covers work WONDERS!!!!!

How often do you get your rugs and furniture cleaned, may I ask? It's been way too long for us...