Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ah Choo! I love Pesto

This summer I've been on a basil kick. I love basil. And, I love pesto.
For some reason store bought pesto gives me heart burn, so I decided to try experimenting with the homemade kind.
I'm pretty sure what's making me sick is the parmesan cheese in the store kind. So I make it cheese free and it's super yummy and lower in fat. Well, except that I sprinkle cheese on my pasta, so not so much. But whatever!
Anyway, I decided to try my hand at growing basil. I've got 2 huge pots of basil and I use it all the time. It grows profusely. And, is way cheaper than buying fresh basil at the store.
But, I've noticed that my leaves are turning yellow.

So, I brought the whole plant into the kitchen. And decided to take all the basil leaves off an make a giant thing of pesto.
One problem.
I could not stop sneezing. Seriously.
I'd pick a leaf and sneeze. Pick a leaf. Sneeze.
when the baby woke up from her nap I brought her to the kitchen. She was sneezing non-stop also. That's one powerful plant to have in your house!

And, want to know why we're not getting too much sleep around here?
Check out these teeth ...
There are those 2 you can see, but there are a couple more coming. Poor thing.
And, I know this is really late, but we've started the transition to her crib. Yep. At 6 months she's still right next to our bed in the bassinet.
In all honesty, because we had such a hard time with sleep and Doodle, we're a little afraid to mess with a sleeping baby. But, she's rolling and kind of crawling now, and I'm pretty sure if she tried she could climb right out of her bassinet.
So far so good. But, I miss her when she's in her own room!


SciFi Dad said...

That photo of her is SO CUTE! I could eat her up!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Oh, I LOVE basil too, but the funny thing is I can't stand pesto. Weird, must be the pine nuts!

6 months and two teeth? That's insane!

Oh and SciFi Dad...not if I beat you to it!

citygirl said...

I also started growing my own basil, oregano and chives this summer. So much fun & so fulfilling to see the plants flourish. Not to mention cheaper than store bought and you can just cut what you want when you need it. I meant to cut a whole bunch and dry it out for the winter but missed the bus on that one as the plants are looking pretty year for sure.