Friday, September 12, 2008

Forms, Forms, Forms

A lunch sits on a blue tablecloth with a brown...Image via Wikipedia Yesterday was Doodle's second day of jk.
It was a half day and half the class was there. It would seem I missed the memo stating that this is the day you bring your kleenex and your camera. I was saving the drama for his first FULL day of school which is Tuesday. But, as I learned yesterday was the first real day in the minds of many parents. Oops!
So, needless to say I was totally fine and totally happy and quite comfortable sending Doodle off for a couple of hours of school.
When I picked him up he was really excited about his 2 hours. And he told me that he had a bunch of stuff in his bag.
Nope. My 4 year old didn't have homework ... I did!
He came home with a Zipoc bag filled with forms to fill out and cheques to write.
Gone are the days of the pizza lunch. Instead hot lunch at his school comes with multiple choices of gourmet foods. Choices. Does he want chicken nuggets or caesar salad or a burrito? How would I know? And, call me crazy but since when do school lunches cost $7???? It isn't a big deal for us because they do these lunches once per week and they alternate Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - so he ended up only ordering about 4 lunches on days he is there.
Then there was the Scholastic order. I'm still baffled by which catalogue to order from and what books he needs. I've put that aside for the day.
And also there was the whole milk thing. What days does he want milk and does he want chocolate or white milk?
I haven't done so much math homework since I was in school - and it's only day one!
The other thing I did, which made me feel very mom-like indeed was I pulled out my giant family organizer calendar and wrote down all the info they gave me. We now have the entire school year documented on a calendar for all to see. I'm hoping it gets us organized and ready to start the year.
I never realized just how much work was involved in being a parent of a school child. But, in some weird way I feel like I'm actually on top of all of this school stuff. At least for the first day.

Oh, and as for the ridiculously huge lunch I packed for Doodle? It was just that. A little ridiclous. He ate very little, but that's okay. I am pretty sure that I have at least an idea of what he'll like. And, I'm sure that as we continue in school mode it will get easier and easier.

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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

OMG, Scholastic orders would have been where I started first and probably stopped!

I LOVE SCHOLASTIC orders, that will be why I might have to go back to work once the bunny starts school. There are so many great books and at great deals.

If you want help...let me know ;)

citygirl said...

YES!!! Scholastic!!! I used to love that. I was --still am--- a bit of a nerd who got very excited over books. LOVED when the shipment arrived.

Excellent job on getting your big family organizer thing filled out!

Badness Jones said...

I only got Regan milk every other day she started JK last year, and then I realized it was much easier for me to just let her get chocolate milk everyday. And our hot lunches only cost between 1.75 for a slice of pizza and 3.00, for fried rice and chicken balls. But we live in the boonies. The first month of school really does seem to bleed us dry Scholastic yet, but we had to buy the mandatory school agenda - because JK and SK has sooooo much homework to organize.

Yay doodle, and yay you mOm!