Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bragging Rights

Last night I had my weekly Weight Watchers Meeting.
Since it was our anniversary I just went to weight myself and then Phat Daddy and I went for dinner. But, I have committed to doing this, and following the plan so I went for the weigh -in.
I was nervous because the prior 2 weeks I lost a total of .2 lbs! Not so much.
This week? I lost 1.8 lbs.
Though I'm not about to reveal numbers (partly because I think everyone looks different at every number) I will say this ... I'm now officialy lighter than I have been since I got pregnant with Doodle.
I'm thrilled.
It's not easy doing this. But, it's so worth it. I'm feeling better about myself. I'm enjoying what I'm eating. And I feel like I'm making some progress. Most imortantly, I don't feel like I'm sinking into that pit of stress and despair and therefore weight gain that I fell into with Doodle. To me that's the important thing.
Yep. I plan to go on vacation and enjoy food and not stress if I gain a pound or 2. But, I fully intend to journal everything I eat, stay on Plan as best I can, and get righ back into it when I get back.
When I get back I'm going to jump back into running and put some more emphasis on trying to get rid of my gross tummy. But for now, I'm enjoying my progress and giving myself a pat on the back!


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Congrats and good for you! I am so proud of you.

I cannot believe you did a weigh in before your anniversary dinner!!!

And, I'm also glad to hear that you plan on enjoying your vacation without worrying too much--you have done so well and I know you will succeed at meeting your goal. An additional pound or two on a vacation won't hurt ya!

AndreAnna said...

Go you!

citygirl said...

Good for you! I just came across this article right after I read this entry:


Leece said...

Way to go LD! It's great that you're staying motivated and on track. That's the hardest part! (for me anyway). Good for you and can't wait to see you. Hope you'll drop in at work soon.

Haley-O said...

Wow, look at you! That's AWESOME! Keep up the great work! I KNOW it's hard. You make it look easy! :)