Saturday, July 5, 2008

Counting Down and Caught in the Act

We're getting soooo close to our Disney Trip!
It's less than a week away, and we're almost ready to go. I've been making lists and shopping for everything. And as each day goes by I get more and more excited.
All the kids are excited too - it's so cute to hear them discuss the airplane ride which they are far more excited about than Disney World at this point. So so cute.
So in order to add to the excitement I asked Phat Daddy to download Disney music for the car. I figure if we listen to it all week and the whole time we are in Florida the children will be fully entrenched in the Magical World of Disney! I love it.
So, after much hemming and hawing, Phat Daddy finally went online and found TONS of Disney music for me. 
I should explain at this point that every day I insist on getting in some sort of workout. I try to have a 30-minute brisk walk once a day and if I haven't gotten around to it by about 8 or so I put the baby in the Bjorn and walk in place watching tv. But, with the Disney music playing and Phat Daddy being a little grumpy about the Disney Music and more grumpy about me singing along to the Disney music (while dancing with the Baby in the bjorn) he decided to go outside for some fresh air while I enjoyed my music.
And enjoy it I did. With Phat Daddy out of the room and a baby enjoying me raucous singing and dancing I went a little crazy. I had some unique dance moves happening and I was singing along to the Siamese cat song from Lady and the Tramp, arguably not the best song in my repetoire.
What I did not know is that my parents, who live 5 minutes away from us, had driven up to our house to stop by and show us something. And, rather than ringing the doorbell had bumped into my husband who quietly let my mother in. So there I was hips swinging, singing at the top of my lungs, and when I did a (not-so-graceful) spin I turned around and my mom was killing herself laughing. 
It was a site.
Keep in mind I was wearing green lulus, a white tank top and bjorn. It was hilarious.
So yes, the countdown is on. Our bags are almost packed and we're all pretty excited. I just have a few last minute things to organize (I need someone to check our cats one day, need to get earphones, a couple little things like that) And then we're ready.
The question is ... is Disney ready for us?
The nice thing about being a parent with small kids, is that you can look as crazy as you want there, and sing and dance along to everything, and everyone just assumes you're doing it all for your kids. NICE!

Question: I'm going to the Cinderella lunch with my niece, mom and sister & the baby. My niece is dressing up. Would you? My niece (6) said she doesn't care either way, but I want to get into the spirit


Jenn said...

How embarrassing!

Urban Daddy said...

We had lunch with Cinderella last summer for our Anniversary, I belive, and there was a ton of people all dressed up and a bunch of us dressed nice but not fancy enough to be mistaken as Disney characters. Look at it this way. Where else can you go and get all dressed up like that and feel part of a magical, mystical place? No where. BTW, you guys will have a BLAST. We took the kids at 2 1/2 and 8 months and they both loved it.

citygirl said...

That is hilarious that you got busted singing & dancing!

And I would definitely dress up for lunch !!