Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Heroes

We've been back from Disney for a couple of days now. We've done some laundry and some unpacking, but the truth is that we're still all a little tired, and not quite willing to concede that our trip is over and it's back to reality.
Okay. Maybe Phat Daddy is, but Doodle keeps talking about monorails, the baby keeps cuddling her baby Cinderella and I've been online looking at package deals for another Disney trip. Yes. We loved it that much. Yes, it was totally do-able with a baby.
I've got lots of stories of the magic of the experience, but sometimes pictures say it better.

My Princess with Cinderella.

To Infinity and Beyond
Doodle's Hero - Buzz Lightyear


Leece said...

Welcome Back! Adorable pictures...can't wait to see more of them. Please send along when you can. Miss you and hope to talk to you soon!

Urban Daddy said...

Welcome back!

Linus keeps talking about the monorails too. He finally got a diecast metal monorail from the cousins we went to Disney with. I believe he is sleeping with it tonight too...

Cute pics!!!

Did you two get any time to yourselves once the kids were asleep?

citygirl said...

Cannot wait to see more pics!!!