Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been thinking a bit about weaning the baby.
She's 4 months old, and I'm going back to work when she's 10 months. In that time I would like to slowly wean her to a bottle and nurse only at night. The reason for this? I know it will be hard enough to go back and I don't want to spend my last few weeks at home dealing with the emotional turmoil of weaning.
And she seems to have a stubborn streak.
The girl seems to hate formula.
Doodle hit the same point. Except with him I kept nursing until he was old enough to eat and to drink milk. But, I still nursed a lot. And by the end I didn't enjoy it.
With this baby I'm loving it. It's easy and it's bonding and it hasn't been a struggle. So maybe I'm pushing it a bit. Or maybe not. Who knows. I'm not really stressed about it so much as I am thinking about it.
Yesterday I made a bottle and was attempting to give it to her. She was not having any of it, and Doodle was watching and trying to help. I turned to him and asked what would make the bottle more appealing to her.
His response?
"Just give her some chocolate milk, Mommy. And if she doesn't like that I can finish it for her."
Excellent advice.
Except as much as I would love to take it, I have visions of my daughter rejecting that bottle and my 4 year old son newly addicted to a bottle.
Fun times!
I think we'll just keep persisting with the bottle. I've still got lots of times, and if all else fails, chocolate milk it is.
Just kidding!


LoriD said...

Not one of my kids would take a bottle. I got all kinds of advice (like have someone else give it to them), but they just refused. I went back to work at 8 months with Lisa and just sent her to her caregiver with bottles and lots of food. Within a week she would take the bottle from the caregiver and I continued to nurse at night. Good times!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Chocolate milk--that's hilarious! I love Doodles idea :)

Weaning is difficult, particularly if Mommy isn't ready to do it.

Make whatever decision feels right to you!