Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!!!!

The house is quiet ... and it's Halloween morning.
I think it's fair to say I'm FAR more excited about Halloween than the rest of my family combined. But, really? I love love love Halloween.
Last night we had a little party with my nieces and today we have a fun trick or treating event in the morning and then Halloween at night.
I literally can't wait for my kids to get up and for the day to get going.
Yesterday, Doodle had "black and orange" day at school. Dumb. But whatever. And, I made all sorts of yummy stuff like bleeding eye balls and jello jigglers.
And today I've been up since 5 - mostly because I can't sleep. Partly because I needed to do my hair so I can transform into a princess.
I love today!!!


SciFi Dad said...

OK, so what are the kids going as this year? Is it another game-time decision like the past couple (well, game time in that Doodle changes his mind at the last second)?

Are both you and the baby going to be princesses?

citygirl said...

Black & Orange Day?

I'm smiling at how excited you are. Have fun!