Wednesday, October 8, 2008


When I came home yesterday from a morning out someone was parked in my parking spot. No biggie, but I was really curious as to what work they may be doing in our complex. (we're in a townhouse complex). The man told me that they were doing some work on walkways.
I was pretty excited about this.
I enjoy a nice walkway.
And then I got to my house, and this was my walkway ...

It was kind of cool. I felt really bad that there was a giant Kubota thing at our house, and Doodle was at school.
Apparently they are coming back today to re-pave it, so we may get to see a cement mixer. How cool will that be?
Mind you. Even though my walk way is nothing to look at, I'm feeling very Martha Stewart with my little pumpkin and cabbage display outside of my house. Appreciate it - I did it all by myself and it's really quite crafty for me!

And, in other unrelated news ... Doodle's teacher is a miracle worker. My child, who started school a month ago and had no interest in letters is now letter obsessed.
He's constantly pointing out letters and asking what letter words start with. He's so excited about it. Before school I'd been worrying that he had zero interest in writing and one of my friends told me to relax and let his jk teacher do her job. I have no idea what she's saying or doing, but amazingly he is excited by reading. I'm thrilled!
But, seriously. I gave my son a seven letter first name and 2 middle names. Do you know how many letters that is?????
If we ever have another child (not in the books) The name is going to be simple. Three letters.


citygirl said...

LOVE your pumpkin & cabbage display. I try to dress my porch up for holidays too (nothing so far this holiday).

AMAZING about Doodle & letters! It's exciting when you finally grasp something. I remember clearly when multiplication and I clicked - one day I hadn't a clue and one day it all made sense and I was off the walls excited that I finally "got it" (this was just last week...hahaaa I kid!).

shay said...

I followed your link from Mighty Morphin Mom and I love your fall display! WOW.
And what a great attitude about the destroyed sidewalk. I'm not sure I'd be quite so happy about the whole thing.