Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oil, Lube, Filter and Lecture?

Using a funnel to refill the motor oil in an a...Image via WikipediaI don't mind going to get the oil changed on our van.
I don't know a ton about car maintenance, but what I do know is that getting regular oil changes is extremely important. I also know that right now I'm home with the kids, Doodle thinks going to get the oil changed is fun, and I don't think it's necessary for Phat Daddy to always have that responsibility.
So, when the oil light flashed on the van we talked about how we should get the oil changed. We let that light blink for about a week and since this afternoon was a quiet one I thought it would be a fun thing to do.
Holy crap.
The guy changing the oil felt the need to lecture me.
Apparently it had been about 9,000 km since our last oil change. Apparently that is bad. And, apparently our oil was black. Big deal. Really. When he started waving the oil stick around to demonstrate my bad car maintaining I rolled up my windows. I think he took it a little personally.
He also took it personally when I declined the free newspaper.
And then when I wasn't sure how to make my lights flash I thought he was going to lose it. Seriously. I had a screaming child and a reallly talkative 4 year old and he was trying to teach me to use my van lights. (they are on automatic).
It was a fiasco.
And then ... then he started to bring things for me to inspect. He was pulling things out of my van hood to look at. I drew the line at the dusty air filter.
He didn't really like it when I said that I'm allergic to dust so I didn't need to see it.
I finally just asked him to stop taking my van apart, just change the oil and I was good.
I am not sure who was more annoyed!
Finally we finished. He kindly gave me a list of all the things I need done on my van.
The funniest part of all. At the end he gave me this really nice gift. It was a tire gauge thingy. And, he said "I'm sure you don't know how to use this, but if you ever want to learn just let me know."

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Badness Jones said...

I hate those mechanics - plus a lot of them are paid commission on parts, so you really can't trust them. Since they always patronize me for being a girl, I just play the part and tell them I have to let my husband decide. But we have FINALLY found a really nice mechanic who doesn't intimidate me, and doesn't try to sell us on parts or repairs we don't need...and the fact that he looks like a young Patrick Swayze really doesn't hurt either!

Leece said...

when he told you that "you probably didn't know how to use the tire gauge" should have said "sure I do...bend over!"...

LoriD said...

LOL! I am bad at taking the car in for any kind of maintenance. The only time I ever got a lecture was when a guy told me my tires were bald. When I said, "so just put new ones on" he was visibly pissed that I wasn't more alarmed at the awful state of my tires. No harm, no foul is what I say!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh LD! That is my worst nightmare. I hate looking foolish or not knowing about everything before hand. I make my hubby give me lessons before I get stuff like that done. But those things still happen to me.
What an ass he was, "I'm sure you don't know how to use it..." ugh.
I hope you gave him a really nasty look and then got yourself a latte:)

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