Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Daycare Debate

A few months ago Phat Daddy and I made the decision to keep Doodle in daycare till the end of May. The decision was based on the fact that I would be recovering from a c-section, I would be tired, and I would want the extra time to bond with the baby.
Fast forward to this past week, and I've been really questionning the decision to keep Doodle in daycare so long.
Yes, I like the daycare. It's a wonderful place. The teachers are fantastic. Doodle has lots of friends, and the parents who I know are great. I have no complaints.
But, Doodle doesn't want to be there anymore.
And, I'm hitting the point where I don't think I need him there.
Of course it's nice to have the house a little quiet. I have enjoyed being able to watch morning tv and taking it easy and often napping in the afternoon. I've enjoyed bonding with my baby and staying in.
But, I've been home for 2 weeks now. I'm feeling fine. The baby and I are well bonded. The nursing is under control. And ... I miss Doodle.
Today I took him to Tim Horton's before daycare. And we had a good time. He helped open doors for me. He listened when I asked him to sit still. And then it was time for daycare. As soon as I went to leave he started to cry. It was that awful moment where I knew he was trying not to, but he really was sad. And then I was sad. So, we were both trying not to cry. (And, of course the baby chose this time to let us know that she was hungry and she started to cry!) And I ended up promising to pick him up after nap. So, all in all it's a pretty short day. And, I'm sitting here wishing that I'd just kept him home. But, knowing that I can't just give in and we're paying and all of that.
So, I think we're giving our 2 weeks notice.
Believe it or not, I'm ready to be a SAHM to 2. Yikes! Scary. I'm not fully sure how I'll handle it, but I'm thinking I'll take it one day at a time, visit the library and playground often, and hope things work out.


Kerry J. said...

Hey - we're around! We'll help out whenever and doodle is always welcome to come play with #2. We're getting our backyard all set up for kids ya know!

LoriD said...

We always continued daycare for a little bit after a new baby, but I know how you feel. After a week or so, I always felt kind of awkward dropping off a kid when I was physically fine.

AndreAnna said...

You do what you feel is best and right for your family.

What about just keeping him in ome or two days a week, just so he can socialize and give yo a break? Is that an option?

Don Mills Diva said...

Go with your heart.
Sounds like it's telling you to keep him home...

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You're following your gut--that's what is most important!