Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On Monday my nieces came to visit and helped me play dress-up with the baby. One of my nieces chose the dress and then I delighted them both when I pulled out the sun hat.

It's just so much fun to have a little baby in the house. I feel like I missed so much of the joy the firs time around.

This constant phrase I hear from doodle every day is "I love my baby."
There's a joy and peace in our house that I never expected. I'm so grateful that we decided to have another, and that we're experiencing the enjoyment of having an infant.


LoriD said...

That's adorable. She looks like a little doll.

citygirl said...

Wow - she does look like a little doll!

kate said...

Doting grandma here. The joy in your house is actually palatable! Seeing Doodle leaning over to kiss her and tell her he loves her is one of those precious moments that grandmas keep in their hearts always.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

OMG, I am lovin' that second photo SO much!!!

Don Mills Diva said...

Those photos are just stunning - thanks for sharing them!