Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Plague Has Hit Our Home!

you think I'm kidding. But I'm not. We are all down for the count.
It started with Phat Daddy getting sick. Then I got sick. Then Doodle got sick. Well, Doodle is a different sick, but that's another story.
The only healthy member of our family is the baby who is thriving on breastmilk and having a growth spurt in which she feels to eat every.single.hour of the day.
I'm losing my mind.
I hate being sick. But, usually I muster through. This one is killing me. I can't get rid of this fever and I keep getting the chills. And I just want to sleep but I can't because either the baby needs to eat or I'm too cold, or suddenly too hot, to sleep. And then I start sneezing or sniffling or coughing. It isn't pretty.
And now Doodle is sick.
He has this weird rash. He had a rash 2 weeks ago, but that was a fever rash. Now he has what looks to me like eczema. So, as a good parent I should bring him in to the doctor to get it checked out. But, truthfully the idea of going to the doctor with my 4 year old and the baby while I'm lacking in energy sounds terrifying - especially since I don't know this doctor that well. Part of me wants to call my doctor in Toronto and drive in there because she knows me. And, she would do something to make us all feel better.
But that's a very long drive when you're sick. The 10 minute drive to our local doctor seems long.
I can't completely complain here.
Dinner tonight was a WonderMommy Meals on Wheels which couldn't have come at a better time - much like last week's dinner. And, we have yummy leftovers for tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

I may end up calling in the recruits to help tomorrow. I'm sure my mom could help me at the doctor if I really need it. Or, I could probably go nap at my sister's and take a break. I know I have options. Phat Daddy is working, and can't take another sick day. So, this kind of sucks. I mean, it's good I'm home on mat leave. But uggggh.

I know I'm whining a lot. It's just that right now it's so hard to not whine. And I'm trying to be upbeat and positive for Doodle.

What I'd really like is a good night's sleep. I'm really questionning why I chose not to go the formula route. I know - a healthy baby, bonding, etc. But, I think tomorrow I'm introducing a bottle because how bad can supplementing be if it means we all get just a bit more sleep around here?


SciFi Dad said...

Damn, that sounds awfully familiar. I'm so sorry you all are going through that.

Maybe you should consider taking the kids over to your sister's so you can get some sleep. I doubt she'll mind holding the baby for a while...

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You do what you have to do to survive and don't second guess or feel guilty for any of it!

I hope you guys feel better!!!

LoriD said...

I was going to suggest offering the baby a bottle so someone else can at least help with the feeding. Hope you're all better soon!

Also re: Doodle's rash. If it is excema and he's feeling uncomfortable, you could try giving him an oatmeal bath. I don't really like to use too much of the cortizone cream they often give you to treat it. Also, if the rash came on suddenly, it could be an allergic reaction to something, in which case a dose of Benadryl will help. We have lots of rashes 'round these parts!

Leece said...

Hope you and the family feel better soon. It's supposed to be a great weekend - maybe some fresh air will help you all to feel better. And hey! you can change your profile blurb now - you no longer have a "baby girl on the way" - she's here! ;) take it easy and feel better soon.

Ali said...

um...i'll trade you for the stomach flu we've got around here...

hope everyone over there gets better soon!

citygirl said...

Awww...I'm sorry to hear the plague has hit your house. I know we had something crazy back in February and I thought I'd never be well again - that's how bad it was.

Definitely do what you have to do to get through this.

Where do I sign up for WonderMommy Meals on Wheels?! LOL.

Haley-O said...

Awww, honey! Whine away. That's what us new mommy's do best. We HAVE TO! Hang in there. I hope everyone's better now!!!!