Thursday, May 8, 2008

Always Remember Your Keys

One of our cats, the little cat, likes to go outside.
We believe that cats should stay indoors, our cat feels she is an outdoor cat. It's a constant struggle.
Every day when I take the kids out of the house (which can be like 10 times a day) I have to get the baby in her stroller, make sure Doodle has his stuff, get my shoes, purse, etc. Then we get to the door opening procedure.
Doodle opens the door and holds it while I simultaneously pull the stroller out and push the cat back. It's kind of funny in an annoying way. Usually the cat gets out so then I have to park the stroller, keep my eye on Doodle and get the cat, who may or may not cooperate, and then put her in the house.
It's lovely.
So today.
We were going to Phat Daddy's office to pick him up and bring him home for lunch. (and then drive him home again ... don't ask)
Doodle was ready. He decided to open the door. I told him to close the door. He saw the cat and let her out. (he knows this is not allowed) Then he laughed and said "look. the cat is out." So dummy mommy runs out to get the cat.
And what does Doodle do?
Slams and locks the door behind me.
There I was, on the porch, cat in hand, knocking on the door while Doodle is beside himself laughing. I was shouting at him to let me in.
My neighbour, who was outside gardening, came over to tell me she'd been locked out as well, and not to worry. Apparently this is hilarious to 4 year olds (her kids are now in high school). At least I've been warned.
Someone is in big trouble today. And me ... I'm just glad that once I calmed down and told Mike I got through the whole story without laughing because I can only imagine how much of a super mom I looked like knocking on my own door.
We're officially one week into this staying at home with 2 kids thing and it's already killing me!


SciFi Dad said...

Next time, just say, "OK, Mommy's going to go for a drive now. See you later," and go out of sight of the front door.

That'll open it quick.

AndreAnna said...

It *is* kinda funny. ;)

We have the door with the number pad so we can never get locked out. I'll give you three guesses to figure out why we needed a door with a number lock, but chances are you'll only need one. :)

citygirl said...

Ohh!!! I was reading along thinking "no, don't go out!!". My neighbour's little guy did the same thing to her. This trick must be taught at daycare.

It only happened once for her. Not sure what she said to ensure it was a one-time stunt...hmm...

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Teehee! This happened to me too, we lived in an apartment and my eldest was almost 4, we were doing laundry and I put the laundry basket down and unlocked the door. My son went in and as I turned to get his baby brother and the laundry he slammed the door on me and shut the deadbolt. The deadbolt that could only be opened from the outside.
He ran and hid, I had to go to the neighbour`s and call the maintenance guy to come and pry apart the door jamb to let me in my apartment. Kids!
I hope this week is less eventful for you.