Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Do You Think?

Here's the baby. Take a look at her belly. I think it looks huge. As in African babies who don't get enough to eat huge (I have been and seen those kids - it looks the same). The doctor said it was a distended belly with too much gas. But there's nothing to do. (This article is helpful, but still. Doing a google search not so helpful.)
I'm not so sure.
She sent me to a pediatrician who basically said give her Ovol and she'll be fine.
She's not crying or anything, but she seems uncomfortable all the time.
So, tomorrow I'm bringing her to our naturopath (who used to be an OB/GYN) to see what she thinks. I'm not terribly worried, but I just feel like I need to check it out to make sure everything is okay. You know?
But, look how chubby my little girl is. I love her chubby cheeks! She's now 9 lbs 14 oz, up from 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. Soooo cute.


AndreAnna said...

Aww,it looks painful, but I'm sure the docs are right and she'll be fine.

Maybe this is dumb and you've already tried it but how about Little Tummies/Mylicon? The simethicone drops?

SciFi Dad said...


Walk your fingers across her abdomen from HER left to HER right.

Make an upside down "U" starting from HER left to the bottom of her ribcage to HER right.

Bend her knees up to her chest (like doing little crunches), holding for a few seconds (or until a little toot).

We used these EXTENSIVELY with the munchkin in the first months, and they worked great for us.

LoriD said...

SHe's a doll, but that does look like it would be uncomfortable. I'm sure the doctors are right, but I would take her to the naturopath for another opinion.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

That does not look comfortable!

I think you said you were nursing...if you are, have you cut out cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage)? What about dairy?

Good luck with the naturopath! Sounds like a valuable resource!

Anonymous said...

Aww Laural! She is such a trooper! My advice: Dr.Lisa! she'll know what to do! Those cheeks are begging to be kissed :)


citygirl said...

Awww!! She does look a little bloated. Poor girl.

My chiropractor/massage/yoga clinic offers group baby massage classes (exactly what scifi dad was describing). The brochure specifically talks about helping move gas along (And why was I reading this brochure? I couldn't help myself when I saw the word massage) It's probably too far for you to go, but maybe similar classes are offered in your area.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

She is so adorably cute and chubby, I can`t stand it! I so hope that the no milk thing helps her, that does look kind of painful!