Friday, May 16, 2008

The Nanny Decision

One of the hardest decisions as a parent, in my opinion, is childcare.
Honestly, the decision of whether or not a parent will stay at home is a huge one. And, once that's decided (whether due to finances or choice or both) the childcare decisions happen.
This is something that we've been talking a lot about in our home.
I know for sure I'm going back to work. Some days it makes me sad, but I also know that I'll be okay with it and once I settle into it enjoy it. But we had to talk about childcare.
Doodle spent almost three years in various daycares. He thrived in them, and we were happy. I don't regret that he went. In fact, I think it was a fantastic decision.
But with 2 children the decision changes. Because our kids our 4 years apart, the daycare decision would be a problem for us. They would basically never see each other because provincial guidelines mandate that they would have to be separated - in the playground and in the facilty - due to age.
I hate that.
I mean, I understand why. It does not work to have infants on the same playground as 4 year olds. But, I also want my kids to see each other.
Add in the crippling cost of daycare centres multiplied by 2 children, and it's a lot of money for a situation I wouldn't be happy with.
So we were left with choices - home daycare or a nanny.
We have chosen to go the Nanny route.
Please don't tell me the horror stories - I have heard them and read them and am terrified by them. But, I also know that there are horror stories no matter what route you choose, and at some point you have to hope and pray that your choice works.
Tonight I interviewed a nanny who will likely be the nanny we get. She met a whole bunch of criteria, and when we discussed discipline techniques for 4 year old boys, we were totally on the same page. So, I think we've found a nanny.
I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.
Part of me doesn't want to think about all of this right now. But, I know that when I have all of this in place I will be more relaxed - not stressing about what's to come but enjoying the time with my kids.


AndreAnna said...

When do kids start school up there? 6?

Any any case, you have to make the decision that works for you and your family and a nanny sounds like a great idea!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Don't worry. We are on our second nanny - have had one since Linus was 8 months old and I went back to work. She stayed with us for 2 years, and we've had our current nanny since October.

It does take getting used to, but it is nice. It's wonderful to see the nanny bond with your children. It's nice to know that they are together. It means they get to go to the park every day (when warm) and spend afternoons with other nannies and kids. It's a good thing.

Will doodle be starting kindergarten? Linus is, and Stewie will be in preschool 2 mornings, so that time will allow my nanny to keep my house clean, which, believe me, is a HUGE benefit!

It will all be fine.

LoriD said...

I agree that childcare is the most stressful parenting decision.

No horror stories here. I've had a nanny and it was great. A couple of my friends have gone the nanny route too, also with good results.

That's great that you've already found someone. When do you plan to go back to work?

SciFi Dad said...

I didn't realize you were going back to work so soon. I thought you said you were taking the full year, but I must be mistaken.

I think, for the reasons you outlined above, that the nanny route is right for you, at least until your son is in school full time. Then, daycare might be a better option, depending on your situation.

So, will the nanny live with you? Is that common? I know nothing about this sort of thing.