Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Counting the Days ... and Getting Nervous

I had an ob appointment today.

I love my ob. I was kind of hesitant when I first decided to go with an ob because I had an amazing experience with my midwives, and a big part of me wanted to go for midwifery care again. But, thanks to some complications last time, and my family doctor's suggestion I chose to go to ob route.

I've heard good and bad stories, but the doctor I see is incredible. She's young. She is kind and caring and her staff make me laugh. No matter what she has to say to me, good or bad, she never stresses me out which is pretty important to me.

So, today we went through a few things. The most important thing to me, other than the baby's health, has been my weight and health and blood pressure. When we compared the stats from this pregnancy and last I discovered that at this point I weigh 50 lbs LESS than I did with Doodle. 50 lbs. That's like 5 large babies!!! Because of this, or perhaps because I'm eating healthier, my blood pressure which was a cause of concern last time is good. In fact, they take it twice every appointment because it is so good that they want to double check.

I have a few theories on this. I think my last pregnancy I was so stressed out and anxious (it was a surprise pregnancy, I was losing my job, I had a tyrannical boss and we were very worried about money) that I was dealing with depression. This time around I've been dealing with the anxious and depressive feelings, and so I haven't felt the need to eat my way through them. Sometimes it's a little hard to talk about stress, but for me it's been great. And, I think it's showing physically. I had no idea until I went through the pre-natal anxiety counseling that a lot of depressed people GAIN weight. I had always thought they lose it.

Anyway ...

In addition to all of that, the doctor gave me something to help me through this cold. I've been suffering for a week, and it's been driving me crazy. So, hopefully I'll feel a little better.

And, the other great news ... I have a planned c-section scheduled for the end of March. I'm still keeping the scheduled section, but my ob has decided that thanks to the fact that I'm still healthy, active and not in pain (we were worried about my tailbone) it's an elective c-section. So, if I go into labour early, fingers crossed, I can probably have a "natural" childbirth. Part of me still really wants to go through with the section. But, the knowledge that I have options is great.

And ... on a completely separate note. I've been reading a blog that I LOVE. If you have time, check her out. (she's really nice in person too)


AndreAnna said...

I've never had a section, but I can tell you that the recovery from a vaginal birth seems insanely fast (barring any complication). I did tear and had stitches and was still up and walking around an hour after I gave birth. Being able to walk and move and lift and stuff in the beginning was a huge relief.

That being said, you've done the C-section route before, so you know what to expect and how to take care of yourself.

Either way I'm sure you'll be fine.

citygirl said...

Happy to hear that you are liking your OB. I think relationships with doctors are often not looked upon as important but I know I went through a couple of general doctors till I found one that I felt good about.

Thanks for the props too!! ;)

Anonymous said...

A good doctor is sooo important. When I was pregnant with my first I was asking my doc about birthing positions like on hands and knees or a birthing chair (I had read that these were easier because of gravity) and he actually laughed at me. Can you believe that? He said, laughing, "Well, that would make it kind of hard for me to see what is going on, wouldn't it?" What a jerk! No way I was letting him deliver my baby.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

It's so awesome that you have an amazing ob, I'm sure that totally helps.
That is great news about the elective part! My fingers are crossed for whatever YOU want!!!

Amy said...

As long as I get my text message and directions to your room so I can finally show you the adorable outfits I got for Miss Baby, I'm all happy!That, and of course, that you're comfortable and happy.
I've kept as much time as possible available around the big day for you! Can hardly wait! We should go out for a latte really soon though as a pre-baby thing :)

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm glad you have a doctor you are comfortable with. Your section will be just fine. It's getting so close - exciting!