Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Not Like I Was Expecting Roses ...

But I sure was NOT expecting that on Valentine's Day, as I sat working away that I would get a phonecall telling me that a cake had arrived.
And, it wasn't just any old cake.
It was a GIANT blue 500 slice cake that we had ordered then cancelled. Somehow the message didn't get through to the baker, so on Thursday morning a ginormous cake arrived at my office.
Let me back up a bit.
One of my main job responsibilities right now is that I'm one of the webmasters for our corporate intranet that has not yet launched. I've been assisting in the design, implementation and soon launch of the site.
Due to some technical issues we have had to push our launch date several times. We had initially planned a party for staff and ordered a cake. However, after moving the date several times we decided to cancel the party ... and the cake.
But the cake came.
Why yes. That is me. With a cake as large as me. No. that is not my office. The cake didn't fit through my office door.
We had a lot of debate over what to do with this cake.
What started as a very serious discussion turned into hilarity as we discussed every single option of what to do with this cake. A food fight was out of the question as was returning it. I tried to offer it up to my friend who is getting married in June (she could freeze it) but sadly her wedding colour is not blue.
So, I suggested that we just say Surprise! and tell staff this was a Valentine's Day surprise from our department.
And then we got the digital camera and took pictures of all of us with the cake. Because it was pretty funny.
So, I spent a lovely afternoon laughing with friends, cutting cake, and laughing as everyone at blue cake and their teeth turned blue.
I'm sure when the invoice comes in we'll have some explaining to do, but until then ... Let them eat cake!
After all, Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS, and what else are you going to do with a giant cake.

PS if anyone wants blue cake, we have LOADS leftover.


AndreAnna said...

I heart cake. Too bad you're in Can. I'd so be at your house.

LoriD said...

That's a HUGE cake... and a funny story!

Miss Perfect said...

AA - i love cake too, but I'm soooo sick of it!

Ginny said...

Now that is funny! And with a little bit of luck you will be off on mat leave and won't have any s'plaining to do at all!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

WOW! That is hilarious.
Blue and yellow are my favourite colours ;)
I could go for some cake!

Steph said...

It's 8:30 in the morning and now you have me craving cake! I also love the stressed/desserts wordplay- I never thought about that before!

FENICLE said...

That is great!!! I bet you all had blue tongues too :)

Badness Jones said...

That's a great story...and a LOT of cake! But I don't feel comfortable around blue foods, so I'm just gonna stick with muffins!