Thursday, February 7, 2008

I should have stayed in bed

It's one of those days.
You know.
The ones you look out the window and wish you could curl up in bed and forget the world for a bit, wake up when you're good and ready, watch crap tv all day and relax.
Instead I decided to schlep into work.
I had good reason. I get paid to work. I'm not a wuss. I have an important meeting today.
But, man. Could getting here have been any worse?
I had a cranky husband and cranky child who made getting out of the house hard (despite the fact that I bribed my child with skittles.) When I asked him to put his hat on he told me he hates me. OUCH. I know he doesn't. I know this is a stage. But, seriously, that does not make a difference when he says it.
I bit my tongue, took a moment, and then said "well I love you very much."
His boots were in the car. I can't carry him. So his feet were cold and wet.
He sobbed all the way to the train station.
And then my train as well as the 2 before it and one after it were cancelled.
I got in the car and burst into tears.
We dropped Doodle off at daycare and got coffee.
We went back to the station. I tried to suck it up and hop on the next train. Which was delayed. By this time I needed to pee.
I went to the train station bathroom. It was out of order.
Back to the car.
Back to Starbucks.
Then back we went to the station. Where the next train was delayed.
By this time Mike was ready to kill me. I was upset. And crying. And trying to explain why I was having a complete meltdown.
I finally made it into work. Only 2 hours late.
I think the fact that my eyes were red and the bags under them more pronounced than usual led a lot of people to steer clear.
The bad news is that I have to do this all over again to get home.
Oh man.
I freaking HATE winter.


LoriD said...

I do not get GO Transit. On the TV and radio they're always saying (on bad driving days) "this would be a good day to take public transit", but GO can't seem to get its act together to clear the rails (or defrost the switches or whateve the issue is...) to actually be a good service on those days. Sorry you had such a bad morning. I would be beyond frustrated and I'm not even pregnant!

SciFi Dad said...

THAT, in a nutshell, is why I stayed home today.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Man, oh man! What a horrible sounding day! I hope it got better from there.

Steph said...

And to think that the GO wants to increase their frustrates me that they continue to have switch problems when it is cold. HELLO! We live in Canada- it is not shocking that come November it gets cold out there. I doubt any GO management actually use it to get to work.

citygirl said...

I've been catching up on my important reading this morning (aka your blog) and finding myself laughing, tearing up and completely understanding. I've had a crappy week myself and reading your blog makes me feel better. You remind me that there are other people out there with the same issues as me and I'm not a complete loser!