Friday, February 29, 2008

My Fear Today ...

At this point in my pregnancy I'm almost 35 weeks along. Good news except for one thing. Today I am completely paranoid that I'm going to go into labour.
Don't laugh!
Do you know what today is? February 29th. That's right. A leap year. I do not want a leap year baby. I think it would kind of suck.
I know a couple leap year babies. They aren't thrilled.
I mean, of course there's always the musical Pirates of Penzance to fall back on as a great reason to be born on a leap year (there are no musicals about may 20th babies), but ...
Of course, my doctor freaked me out completely this week by telling me that in case I go early I should have my bags packed. I really really need to clean my office and organize my files before I can have this baby.
And ...
I don't want a leap year baby.
I told Phat Daddy my concerns, and he said that he's pretty sure that I'm fine. I called my sister and she reminded me that considering the length of my last labour (23 hours not including "early labour") even if I did start having contractions today I probably would wait it out till March 1st. Excellent point.
Plus ...
Today is the day that my mom and I go to the Steven and Chris show. How fun would it be to have your water break LIVE ON TV???
And then I'm coming home and we're going for a weekend trip to Buffalo. I really would like one more meal at the Cheesecake Factory before this baby makes an appearance.
So, as I've been saying all day, "be comfy, Baby."
Anytime after next week game on. Got ideas for speeding up a baby's arrival feel free to send them my way. I just want to hold off till next week - Tuesday preferably - and then we're good to go!


Amy said...

Today is Steven and Chris Day? I am soooooooooo jealous!!!! You have got to tell me all about it! I love them!!!!
I met them both a few years back and they were so sweet!!!


Note to Miss Baby: You best not be arriving just yet, I still have more shopping to do for you!!!

Steph said...

Have fun today! I will be at the Cheesecake Factory in 7 hours!

SciFi Dad said...

Have fun this weekend.

AndreAnna said...

Hope she stays put!

And to get her out early, sex can usually do the trick.