Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shuffled Off to Buffalo

And thankfully Miss Baby did NOT make an appearance on February 29th!
Friday was a little insane. My mom and I went to the Steven and Chris show. It was fun, but when we left we were hit with blizzard-like conditions and struggled to make it to the GO train.
Though we were aiming for the 3:30 train, we made it for the 4:10 train. And then when we were sitting on it it was cancelled, so we got on the 4:30 train, and finally got home around 5:30.
So ...
when I got home, Phat Daddy, Doodle and I hopped into the van and we were off. Kind of.
We didn't even make it out of our home town when Doodle announced he needed to use the potty. I was more than happy to oblige (we had been in the car for about 45 minutes). And then we proceeded on with the slowest drive ever.
After 2.5 hours Phat Daddy made a joke that totally jinxed us ... and what happened? Three snowploughs got on the highway ahead of us. We drove at 30 km/h and got to the border in about 1 hour. It was ridiculous.
We finally got to our hotel after 10 and we ordered pizza for dinner.
Despite the frustration it was kind of fun.
And, we spent the weekend shopping, swimming, eating yummy food and hanging out as a family.
One of the great things about this weekend was watching how much fun Doodle had swimming. We know he loves the water, but he's so confident now. He was swimming back and forth between Phat Daddy and I and had a HUGE smile on his face. I loved it. A lot of the time we just kind of sat back and let him swim around doing his own thing. I love how he has the freedom to do this now. I loved swimming growing up, and still do. So I hope he continues to love it.
And, even though I didn't actually sit in the hot-tub, after all the shopping we did it was really nice to sit on the edge and stick my legs in. I would love to have a house with an indoor pool and hot tub.
I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the great deals I found. I had a few baby things left on my list that I was able to pick up at great prices. Phat Daddy stupidly left me alone in the baby section at Target ... I was good though. It's not like he tells me I can or can't buy something, but he does tend to advise. For instance, had he been standing next to me when I lost my mind over pink sparkly baby shoes I may have restrained myself, but since he wasn't there ...
It was fun.
Doodle's favourite part of visiting Buffalo is choosing cereals and junk food. We always let him see what character cereals and fruit snacks are at the stores. We usually end up with some interesting cereals. Last time we went a little crazy over the Barbie Fairytopia cereal (which was gross) but this time we mixed it up. He was fascinated by Count Chocula (I'm pretty sure we can get that here) and also Little Einsteins candy. Weird. The thing is he always wants to get all this junk food and then he tries it and hates it and my nieces eat it when they come over.
Anyway, in case you can't tell ... I'm tired.
Thanks to all the activity I've had non-stop Braxton Hicks this weekend. Ouch!


Steph said...

I hear ya about the traffic to the border on Friday. My fiance left Durham Region at noon, picked me up from Yonge and the 401 and we didn't get to Buffalo until 5:30. Good grief. What Target do you go to in Buffalo? I was disappointed in the one by the Walden Galleria this weekend.

Ginny said...

I'm very afraid for my pocket book next week and of course our long drive. I'm sure crossing the border will be a story all it's own!
I had to laugh about your GO train. It's so typical. Try to make the one train, weather is crap make the next train, it gets cancelled! Now your mom knows what you experience several times a month!
Oh, how was the show? Maybe I should take my mom for her b-day. How long did it take you to get tickets?

citygirl said...

I had to look up Braxton Hicks. I feel like such a doh-doh!

Weather was pretty crappy on Friday afternoon. Was a big reason that I took a 1/2 day vacation on Friday afternoon to avoid the afternoon rush hour. After such crappy weather for the past month, I get really ticked about taking forever to get home (esp. when I live 11 - yes ELEVEN - km from the office).

SO jealous about Buffalo hotel & shopping. Sigh... I hope to make it there in the spring!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Sounds like fun!!!!
I want to hear about all of your finds :)

Anonymous said...

Hey WM-L you know my pool is always open to you and yours this summer right??? Actually you will need to show some kind of WM ID and then you can come in :)