Friday, March 7, 2008

Paging Dr. Freud ... and a Pick Me Up

I've always had crazy dreams, and it seems this trait is passing on to my son!
Yesterday we went to pick up Doodle at daycare and his teacher was telling me that Doodle often tells them what he dreams about at naptime.
Yesterday he said to his teacher, "I had a wonderful dream today. I dreamt about naked people and firetrucks." Hmmmm ...
Any dream analysts out there? I thought that was hilarious.
I have to admit I love to hear about Doodle's dreams. When I wake him up in the morning, when he's still groggy I cuddle him and ask what he dreamt about. Some of his dreams crack me up. Last night he dreamt about his sister, whom he calls Arial. He always dreams that she is very nice and very pretty and they cuddle in his bed and tell secrets. I sware I don't feed him this stuff.


And, on a completely different topic, I know I was sounding a little dreary this week with all the choices facing me, but ...
It's been a pretty cool week.
On Wednesday I was surprised. I had lunch with the group of people I work with (my branch? division? department?) and they gave me a really nice baby gift. It was totally unexpected, and I was touched.
Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend of mine, and it was just a really nice visit. You know the kind of familiar visit where you have a long enough friendship history where you can talk about a myriad of topics (from candle parties to grey hairs) and know that no matter what you say you won't be judged. And, then I came home and my good friend had sent me a card, just to remind me that it won't be much longer now. It meant a lot to me, and also reminded me that sometimes unexpected gestures mean so much.
And today ... my friends at work have arranged a lunchtime shower for me. I'm really excited.
And, I'm beginning to remember that there are some things that no one really cares about. If I asked any of the people who've affected me this week if it mattered to them how my baby is delivered or whether I breastfeed, I know the resounding answer would be no.


Tonight and tomorrow we're supposed to be getting a ton more snow. It kind of sucks since I was going to go shopping for my hospital bag. But, I'm pretty sure this baby is staying put for the next few weeks (21 days to be exact) - so I'm not going to worry about it.


LoriD said...

I'm a little bummed that all that snow is coming on the weekend, but I don't mind it, in general.

I was always so surprised when anyone made a fuss over me when I was pregnant - it was so nice!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

WOW! Sounds like a fun week--lucky you to have a shower for your 2nd one--that's not too common, is it?

Urban Daddy said...

Hey that is great! Nothing says pick me up, like a thoughful gesture like that (those).

Dropped by to make sure you are doing well in these few weeks before the arrival of baby #2.

Be well!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

No suggestions, just good wishes.

Breastfeeding is not for everyone, but it is also not an "all or nothing" proposition. In the words of my first midwife - "some breastmilk is better then no breastmilk."

Something to think about. It's good to see that you have people watching for the PPD signs - sometimes it sneaks up on people, I think, and that's the hardest part!

Good luck!!

sam said...

Hey LD! You have to have confidence in the decisions that you make because after all they are yours alone.
Just believe that whatever decision it is that you make, you're a great parent and no matter how your child is brought into the world, or how they are fed - they are loved and have a wonderful mom!

I can't believe that you have 18 days remaining. I'm officially giddy for you!!