Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Counting Down and Losing our Minds

I have 9 days left of work.
That means 18 more GO Train trips (I'm guessing at least 7 will involve delays).
That means figuring out 8 more outfits that actually fit me - since I'm already dressed today.
That means I will probably finish reading the book I'm reading right now (The Other Boleyn Girl - good but slow) and still have time to read another.
That means I have a few lunches out with friends and colleagues.
And it means cleaning out my office, a task that I started yesterday and will take forever to complete.
And, in the insanity that is these last few days I'm getting lazier and lazier. Mornings tend to be difficult trying to get Doodle up, fed, dressed and out the door by about 7am. We've come up with some inventive ways to make the mornings just a little easier.
My current favourite - getting Doodle dressed the night before so that we don't have to have the getting dressed argument in the morning. Genius or Crazy? You'd be right if you said I'm losing my mind.
Phat Daddy just rolls his eyes when I do stuff like that. But he knows better than to suggest an alternative.
Know why else I'm losing my mind? I have discovered I'm on the Special K diet. They advertise it every year. It's a bowl of Special K for breakfast, a bowl of Special K for lunch and a sensible dinner. Take yesterday for example. I had a bowl of Special K for breakfast, a Lettuce Eatery Salad for lunch, and a bowl of Special K for dinner. Weird, eh?
In all honesty I'd be just as happy not to eat any dinner, but it stresses Phat Daddy out way too much, so a bowl of cereal is just fine.
And, final reason that I'm losing my mind? My posts no longer make any sense. I don't think I'll look back on these and read them cause they are a little nutty.


SciFi Dad said...

"I have to clean my office."

"I have to take the train that will be delayed."

"My toddler, like every.other.one on the planet, won't get dressed."

Wah wah!

In a few weeks, you'll be off work, with a new princess!

You get no pity from me. ;)

(Pregnancy hormone warning label: this comment is intended as humour and gentle ribbing. Please do not let it produce tears, anxiety, or homicidal rage.)

Steph said...

I'm also reading The Other Boleyn Girl but I just can't get into it. Good luck with everything!

LoriD said...

Nine days... that's close. I remember that lazy feeling at work well. Not wanting to start anything new, pretty much wrapped up on anything old.

Ginny said...

Don't worry, I'll give you some pity! (wink wink sci fi dad!!) I totally understand where you are coming from, trust me I do. Everything at the end is extra hard. You probably don't really remember it being like this with Doodle but that's because it wasn't. If you were tired, you slept. If you didn't feel like doing anything, you veged. But with a cute little toddler hanging around, you never have down time.
And oddly enough maternity clothes fit better with the first pregnancy. The worst is having to go to work with such a limited wardrobe. I HATED my wardrobe by the end which just made going to work that much worse.
Hang in there!

citygirl said...

I hate getting dressed for work everyday. I need a job where I can wear jeans or yoga pants and a t-shirt everyday.

Alternatively, I'd settle for a work uniform so I could just wear that. But make it a cute uniform that doesn't make me look dumpy.