Monday, March 10, 2008

The hospital Bag

My task of the weekend was packing my hospital bag.
Sounds easy enough. And, really it was. But, I had a huge list of stuff to buy (think nipple cream, feminine products and breast pads) that really wasn't pretty.
I opted to go to a store I rarely frequent rather than risk the chance of getting this stuff at my local grocery store or pharmacy where I frequently bump into people I know. Of course I'm aware that at almost 30 I should be quite comfortable with purchasing the necessary objects of being a woman, but really I'd rather my next-door neighbour NOT know all the details.
So, off I went to a store on a quiet Sunday morning and purchased everything I needed. I didn't even wince when I had to throw in a package of pads that was the EXACT SAME SIZE as the pack of newborn diapers. Afterall, I knew no one. I was humming as I grabbed the nipple cream and spent several minutes debating between Avent nursing pads vs. Medela nursing pads (I went with Avent).
I threw in the extra-strength deodorant and the anti-dandruff shampoo. I even got some lovely super-sized granny panties (notice I had to buy them cause I have none) , a few comfy bras and just for fun some Tinkerbell underwear. By the time I ended up in the toy section to grab Phat Daddy and Doodle I was quite comfortable with the contents of my buggy.
And off we went to pay.
When we got to the front cash a lovely, young cashier chatted with me as I started to put my purchases up.
It was all well and good until I got to some of the personal stuff. And then the girl looked horrified. She pointed to the box of nursing pads and asked "what are these?" I explained. She asked that of a few more things.
When she got to my super-sized package of pads she turned to me with utmost sincerity and said, "this is largest package I have ever seen!!!!" She proceeded to tell me that I could purchase thin ones these days.
Thanks. I'm 29. I've never NOT been able to purchase thin pads. So I explained to her the reason why I was buying all of this. The poor girl, who later told me she's 18, was horrified. And told me she will never have a baby.
It was pretty funny. And, I feel like I have maybe prevented at least 1 teenage pregnancy.


SciFi Dad said...

That's awesome.

We all do our part to keep society's kids safe.

LoriD said...

I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart throughout high school, so got to stock those things on the shelf. I would always ask the full-timers/pharmacist about them and was sufficiently horrified!

Steph said...

That's hilarious! Mind you, since I don't have kids just yet, I'd also like to be oblivious to some of the extra details!

citygirl said...

The scene at the checkout made me laugh (and that's really a challenge today). Good for you for taking the situation so gracefully and making it an eduational experience for someone!

sam said...

Hahahahaha! That's the best way to promote abstinence if you ask me! LOL

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

That is hilarious!
I have to say, I'm surprised the girl said anything, they really shouldn't!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

That is hilarious, if a little rude on her part!

Leece said...

that is the funniest thing I have read in a long time!