Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, Leg Art & A Sleepy Boy!

Happy Easter!
We had plans to do stuff like go to church and do something Eastery today, but the combo of a tired, crampy me, an almost 4 year old who didn't want to get up and a tired husband led us to stay home and enjoy some family time together.
So, Easter this year has been a little bit low key.
The Easter Bunny did arrive at our house though. Since I had an uncharacteristically late night last night and stayed up watching a movie with Phat Daddy (10 pm - woo hoo!), the Easter Bunny did not come at night. Rather, he came after lunch when I was "napping" and Phat Daddy and Doodle were out for a walk.
It was the cutest thing because as soon as Doodle walked through the door he shouted "Goodness Gwacious - the Easter Bunny was here."
Too cute.
It's amaizng to me because 4 Easters ago we had just brought Doodle home from the hospital - a teeny tiny bundle who was too small for even our smallest sleepers. Today we were sitting on the couch discussing how next Sunday there would be 4 people in our family - not 3. How weird is that?
Doodle has been very productive today. In addition to watching FAR too much Playhouse Disney, eating way too much chocolate (counterbalanced by the fact that he wanted vegetables for breakfast and dinner) and driving the cat to near insanity, he decided to use my legs as the latest canvas for his art work. He also decorated my belly, but since I don't want to traumatize any readers, I will share the leg pics only - as they are traumatizing all on their own.
Hey, at least I shaved!

I also downloaded some pictures this weekend.
This is one of my favourites. I try not to really post face shots of Doodle, but I think this one is okay. Every day when I go to wake him up in the morning, our little cat is usually helping wake him up. She sleeps on his bunk beds many nights, so this is what I usually come into in the morning.

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Leece said...

Hey L - Happy Easter! Hope all goes well this week! Miss you already.