Sunday, February 24, 2008


Last night I couldn't sleep, so I went downstairs and Phat Daddy was playing Xbox 360. We have totally opposite sleep schedules, and he often does this while I'm sleeping.
I laughed because he was all set up for his evening of gaming. He had his controller in hand and his headset on so that he could talk to his fellow gamers. He asked why I was downstairs, and when I told him I couldn't sleep he made room on the couch, got me a pillow and blanket and turned on my music so that he could play a game while I snuggled on the couch.
I slowly drifted to sleep while thinking what an incredibly bizarre picture we must make. Not only that, but I thought about how odd it was that until that point it all seemed so incredibly normal to me.
Whatever works, right?!


This morning when Doodle woke up he was particularly chatty while sitting on the toilet. We talked about all sorts of stuff from Peter Pan to his favourite daycare teacher to cats to the weather.
When he finally finished we decided it was time for him to get dressed (he insists on pooping naked). So, I asked him if he wanted to choose out his clothes for the day. I've probably asked him this a hundred times before, but today he totally went for it. And, his outfit matched which was good.
Part of this process was that he threw a ton of clothes out of his dresser on to the floor. I told him that was okay, but that he had to put stuff back. I was distracted for a moment and when I looked back he was folding every single piece of clothing to go back in the drawer. His folding skills would make a gap employee jealous!
Since he doens't generally see me folding clothes, and he NEVER seens Phat Daddy folding clothes, I asked him where he learned to do this.
It turns out that every day at daycare after naptime they fold their blankets, I think before they can play with their toys. It was very impressive.
So, grabbing the opportunity I told him he could fold all his clothes if he wants.
He looked at me like I was crazy and said "Mommy. I'm just one person and I'm not even four!"
Too cute!


SciFi Dad said...

The munchkin prefers to have her morning constitutional naked as well... must be a kid thing.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Can you send Doodle over this way? The bunny knows how to put laundry away, but she unfolds every.single.piece before it goes in the cupboard or drawer, it's really quite hilarious!
Your Doodle is going to make a good partner one day :)