Friday, February 8, 2008

Today is a New Day

Okay ...
So yesterday did suck.
But, it also got better!
Once I made it to work things were okay. The meeting I was worried about went very well. One of my colleagues had some birthday cake, and she got me a piece. And, really, cake does make like a whole LOT better!
I left early, took the train home with a friend, and by the time she got off the train she had me laughing so hard I was crying. And, I think that a mark of good friends are people who can take a crap day and make it better for you.
Together Phat Daddy and I picked up Doodle from daycare. And we went to Swiss Chalet as a family. We had the best time. Sometimes Doodle is not the best behaved child in a restaurant, but thanks to their treasure chest and the fact that the manager gave Doodle a bunch of gummi worms when we walked in, dinner was actually really fun.
The toy he picked from the treasure chest was the card game "Snap!" The last time I remember playing that was at my grandparents' kitchen table when I was about 8. I'm not sure the last time Phat Daddy played, but we decided to pull it out for Doodle and demonstrate while he was eating his ice cream.
Of course I won. (hee hee - despite Phat Daddy cheating!) Doodle soon joined us, and there we were sitting at Swiss Chalet, playing a family game of Snap!
It was one of those moments that to me was perfect. It didn't last for hours, and it didn't make everything right in the world, but it was fun.
And then we went home. And instead of picking up toys or cleaning or reading the mail, we changed into pyjamas, crawled into my bed, and Doodle and I watched Playhouse Disney. And we cuddled. I eventually told him that I was sad today because he told me he hated me. Want to know what he said?
He told me that he was sorry. And he loved me and that "I'm very glad I growed in your tummy, mommy." It melted my heart. And made me giggle. And I realized that, like my sister and friends had told me earlier in the day, he doesn't get the concept of hate. It was just a rough morning.
And today? Today was better. There was a lot less fighting in the morning, and Doodle told me he was trying hard to be nice to me this morning. I'll take it!

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