Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Counting the Days

I'm not going to whine about the weather and the GO train yet again. But, again, today it was cold and 2 trains got cancelled and I was in an unfortunate crowd of people waiting for the train.
Usually people see my ginormous stomach (and yes, this is an accurate description by now) and feel sorry for me. If I don't get a seat someone takes pity on me and offers me one. But NOOOOOOO!
Not today.
Today everyone was cranky and no one wanted to give up a seat.
I'm not one to make a fuss about this.
Really. It was rude that people were staring then looking away. But, I was not about to shout "Hello! Pregnant woman wants a seat." I was fine.
After a couple of stops I was leaning on a seat and a woman asked me to move so she could hold on. I did. And then she looked at me horrified that she'd just asked me because she didn't realize. I was totally okay with it, but she was not.
And she then took it upon herself to find me a seat.
I know her motivation was right. But, I wanted to die as she made an announcement that there was a pregnant woman on board and no one was giving her a seat.
I cringed.
Then, she picked one man from the crowd (who happened to be listening to music, minding his own business and had his back to me) and said "sir, you are an able bodied young man. Can you kindly give your seat to this woman who is with child."
The poor guy.
He looked at me and apologized profusely and said he hadn't seen me.
I, of course, said it was alright that there was no way he could have seen me. And then I started to crack up because it was so ridiculous. And so did he because the woman was about ready to preach to the whole train. And then he hilariously asked if I would like him to hold my coat so I don't overheat or anything.
At that moment I was incredibly grateful she had picked on a kind person.
The ride was fine. Of course the rest of the ride she asked me many questions about pregnancy, etc.
The funny thing is, as I'm in the last few weeks (6 to be exact) people talk to me a LOT. It's like they want to share in the joy and the excitement. I don't mind it. People at work who I don't really know are excited for me. People I see on the train who I don't really talk to have started asking questions.
And, strangers come out of the woodwork just to tell me their experiences.
And, don't get me started on how my ob's waiting room has become the most fascinating place to chat with other women.
I'm counting down the days. And I'm getting uncomfortable. But, sometimes it's kind of fun.


LoriD said...

I think (some) people want to be friendlier, but need an ice-breaker. Pregnancy/parenthood is a good, happy and safe topic of conversation most of the time.

That's so funny about the woman advocating for you. Sweet, in a way.

Ginny said...

OMG, I totally knew where this story was going before I even read it! These kinds of humorous stories seem to happen to you more often than not! Although that woman did have a point. I always think people go out of their way to 'pretend' they don't see a pregnant woman. It used to drive me nuts on the subway. Thankfully the guy had a sense of humour, poor innocent by-stander that he was!
My favourite all-time only-happens-to-Laural-story is your Starbucks story! I still smile every time I think about it!