Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Think We Need a Vacation

I would love to book a proper vacation right now.
I think it would be a blast to go somewhere warm and sunny and relax on the beach for a few days and do very little.
That's not in the cards. But it sounds lovely.
Instead, though, I'm thinking we need a weekend break. A chance to recharge our batteries, to get out of our house (that needs painting and cleaning) and go away. I'm thinking it would be great to go somewhere with a pool that Doodle can swim in and maybe some other sort of entertainment.
I love Buffalo, but I don't feel like shopping.
(I know ... shocking!)
I looked into Great Wolf Lodge and the other waterpark resorts, but when I mentioned it to Phat Daddy he said NO WAY. He kind of has a point.
As much as I love small hotel pools where Doodle can swim and we can watch him (he's hit the point where with his special flotation swim suit on and after swimming lessons he's quite capable of swimming around the pool without me holding him - which is quite nice - though of course I'm always with him), the idea of chasing him on water slides, and convincing him that he can only go on the age appropriate slides does not sound like fun.
My child is a daredevil, and with my ever-growing belly I don't feel like chasing him around a waterpark.
Phat Daddy would get huffy. Then we'd bicker. And it wouldn't be a vacation.
Nice idea though.
So now we're investigating something new. By we I mean me. But I'm sure that once I present the idea (ha, in my blog) he'll agree.
I want to go somewhere warm (at least inside). With a pool. And good food (mmm... pizza) and comfy beds that is a short drive from home.
I'll wait till after I have this baby before I go on an all-inclusive trip somewhere. Afterall, what fun is an all-inclusive vacation when you're sipping virgin cocktails on the beach?


Amy said...

I just had 2 weeks off (first multiple week break in 3 years) and I'm already thinking the exact same thing as you, a nice weekend getaway sounds divine!
Let me know if you find a place you like!

Jenn said...

Well I'd invite you to my place, but it's a bit more than a short drive! Plus we don't have a pool (but we do have a hot tub). But... I think you are already planning a big trip for a later date, are you not?

Have you considered booking a room at a local hotel that has an indoor pool for a weekend?

Don Mills Diva said...

I think a local hotel with a good pool and maybe a kids program might be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey..we just came back from a 2day stay at the sheraton in T.o. and it was AWESOME!!!we ate at non expensive places , went skating at nathna philips, the ROM the CN tower! the kids swam like 3 times a day (with their dad) while i read my books! We took the GO train as suggested by the 5 year old! relaxing, cheap, fun and close to home so routines did not get wrecked! hihgly recommend it!
Wondermommy-who-is-not-related-to-you! (ok we need superhero names!)