Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monster Baby

Not long after we told Doodle that I'm pregnant he started talking about "Monster Baby".
Monster Baby, a girl, is in his tummy just like my baby is in my tummy. The origin of the monster book comes from a story they read at daycare from the Sesame Street books where there is apparently a monster baby.
We've never corrected him and said boys can't have babies.
He knows it's imaginary, and he likes to talk about it. In time he'll learn it's not possible, and he already knows daddies can't have babies, so he'll sort that out himself.
But, he frequently discusses Monster Baby. He'll ask how my baby is, and then he'll give me the Monster Baby update. Or he'll tell me that Monster Baby cries in his tummy. I find it quite fascinating.
The other day I was having a rough (read:hormonal) day. I was crying, and being argumentative. Everyone was getting on my nerves, and I finally turned a movie on for Doodle explaining that Mommy needed a break. He asked why I was sad and I told him that sometimes having a baby in your tummy makes you sad or upset.
I'm not quite sure how you explain mood swings to a 3-year-old.
I didn't think much more about it until today.
Apparently Monster Baby has been the cause of some unusual behaviour. For instance, when Doodle refused to nap, Monster Baby was keeping him up. Doodle pushed Liam because "Monster Baby doesn't like Liam." And there were a few other things, all, of course blamed on Monster Baby.
It made me realize just how much you have to censor yourself around your child. Realistically I knew that I was having a rough day because I was hormonal. But, I think I need to realize that this child absorbs way more than I consider.
Lately he'll come out with things that he has heard us say or do and I'm reminded yet again that Doodle is a child, a sponge, and I need to be really careful.
But, hey, we have 9 weeks to go, and if I can use the baby as an excuse for eating ice cream, being moody and other assorted problems, I think I can be a little flexible about Monster Baby's effect in Doodle's life.


Don Mills Diva said...

We haven't yet started to censor ourselves around Graham but at almost 27 months I have noticed that he is now ALWAYS listening - we're going to have to start soon I think...

Haley-O said...

Wow! Only 9 weeks to go!!! I don't think "monster baby" is your fault. He's just practicing being an older brother -- blaming everyhting on his little sister...SHE DID IT! ;)

SciFi Dad said...

You're right, they do absorb everything and will repeat it ad nauseum if it gets the desired response.

(but I have to admit to chuckling at the visual of Doodle complaining of "cramps")