Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All My Friends are Going to Humpity Bump ...

And I can't.
Cause I'm pregnant.
Okay - that's not exactly true. It's called Hump Day Bump. And, not ALL my friends are going. Just some. And, truth be told going clubbing on a Wednesday night isn't generally my thing. And, they did kindly say I could go if I wanted to.
But, I have rules about going drinking while pregnant.
Especially while visibly pregnant.
Truth be told, I really would just like to say "I went to Humpity Bump" because I think it's a really cool thing to say.
But the fun thing will be tomorrow, when they are hung over, and I can cheerfully sip coffee and maybe eat in front of them just to rub in that I'm not hung over. So, I guess it's not all bad.
It is just slightly sad that when they are leaving to go out, I will likely already be sound asleep. Ahhhh sleep. How I love my sleep!
Yesterday I had yet another OB appointment.
I love my ob. Really. She's young and funny, and she knows what stresses me out and avoids the topic. For instance, despite the fact that I already have my c-section booked, I am really quite terrified of my baby growing large. Because what if I go into labour and don't have time to make it to the hospital (or I make it to the hospital and they send me away and Phat Daddy has to deliver the baby in the car) for a c-section? This is when I'd rather a smaller baby. Because at 8 lb 10 oz (I think) Doodle was a lot of baby to push out.
So, perhaps when my ob asked why I was so worried about size, and I told her, she was quite wise to just say the baby is a little big.
But, I've gotta tell you, this is one stubborn child already.
On Saturday when I went for my 3D ultrasound it took forever to convince her to move so we could see her face.
Yesterday I got an impromptu ultrasound (due to her increasing size) and there she was, SMILING for the camera. Seriously. I had to laugh.

Eight more weeks till I meet Miss Baby. I have a feeling it's going to be quite the ride! And, even though I won't be going to Humpity Bumpity right away, I have a feeling I'll be getting someone to bring me some sort of alcohol pretty quickly!!!


AndreAnna said...

Yes, is it sad that I look forward to my first drink (or three or four) after this baby is born? lol.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Sorry you're missing out on the fun, but sleep--come on, isn't it the best?

SciFi Dad said...

wait, isn't visiting the OB as fun as going clubbing?

Amy said...

Ok ok, so I'll be bringing the Chocolate Martini ingredients to you as soon as Miss Baby lets you! It'll be a sacrifice on my part, choco martini's are just, you know, awful LOL.

Glad she smiled and moved for you this time! But she does have that one 'perfect' ear she's very proud of :)