Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sister Date & Shoes

Last night my sister and I had a sister's night.
They seem to be few and far between these days, but we decided that we were going to meet up at Yorkdale for shopping and dinner.
We had an amazing time.
I have to admit that it's been ages since we've gone to Yorkdale together minus children. I'm not sure we even had kids the last time we were there. Needless to say the stores we went into were different from the ones we would have visited a few years ago.
We were thrilled by the sale at the Disney Store (how could I pass up sparkly yellow minnie mouse shoes for baby-to-be) and then went a little crazy with gymbucks at gymboree. We easily walked past stores where we would have spent hours in the past, and then enjoyed the peace and quiet that came from eating a leisurely dinner that did not include chasing after kids or cleaning up spilled juice.
All in all a fun evening.

How adorable are these shoes???
On the way home in the car my sister was telling me a story about my 5 year old niece (Miss K). For those of you who don't know me too well, my 5 and a half year old niece and I get along very well. People have been known to confuse our names on a regular basis because she reminds people of the 5-year-old me in many ways.
Anyway, she was at the doctor the other day, and was telling the doctor about how she was saving up her money. The doctor asked her what she was saving her money for.
"For shoes" was her answer. "I have lots of shoes and I love shoes."
So, her doctor said "how many pairs of shoes do you have?"
Her response? "Oh ... about 89." (a bit of an exaggeration)
And then she added, "My aunt really loves shoes too. She has bought me a lot of those shoes you know."
She would be right. I love shoes. I love buying shoes for myself, but I also really love buying kids shoes. Doodle isn't that thrilled by shoes, but Miss K definitely shares my passion. The brighter the colour, and the more sparkles the better.


kate said...

Oh my gosh, those are just TOO CUTE for words. I can see her little baby feet in them already!!

Steph said...

I did a double take when I saw those shoes! They are too cute for words...the littleness, the sparkle, is that also a heel???

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

And so it begins....
Aren't girls fun?!