Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soooo Excited!

I'm not sure if anyone has been watching the Steven and Chris show on CBC. I LOVE it. I have set my dvr to record it every day, and the show is great.
I loved Steven when he was on Cityline, I loved Designer Guys. I loved the Steven and Chris makeover show. But, I'm loving their talk show even more.
Whenever I watch it I think of a friend of mine, who happens to have a big crush on Steven. We used to work together and one day we were walking in the underground path and saw Steven taping a segment. My put-together, mature friend went into full teenage idol mode when she saw him standing there. And though she refused to get an autograph, she convinced me to take a picture of him with her camera phone.
And, on the occasional bad day I could cheer her up with just a little e-mail of Steven's picture!
So, though we no longer work together, she got a squealing phone call from me announcing that we HAVE to get tickets to a live taping.
And we did! We're going in a couple of weeks.
I'm so excited.
Who doesn't love a show on fashion and decorating hosted by 2 gay men? Really. What's not to love?
And, because the CBC building is so close to one of my favourite restaurants (Lonestar ... yum) we may just have to go there for a very early dinner. Maybe they will even make me a virgin margarita.
My mouth is watering.
First the boys. Then the fajitas.


LoriD said...

I've been a Steven fan since his CityLine days. Chris is a bit much for me, but they do play off each other well. Sounds like the live taping will be a lot of fun... enjoy!

Amy said...

Oooh! I've met them both and they are total sweethearts!!!!
I got hugs too!

I'm so jealous!!!!!

Haley-O said...

I'll have to check this out! Can't wait to hear all about the live taping! So cool!

Steph said...

Hi,Would you like a signed photo of them? My sister in law to be manages CBC talent and I could ask her

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

The boys, fajitas and then, come on--don't lie--the cheesecake :)

I'm jealous!

Miss Perfect said...

Hey steph!
Of course I'd LOVE an autographed picture of the boys!
MTM - oh yes ... the cheesecake. it's possible that if I'm not too hungry I'll skip the fajitas and go straight to the cheesecake!