Monday, January 7, 2008

Things I Love

It's winter, and January seems like the dullest month ever. So, to compensate, here are some of the things I'm loving right now!

I'm pregnant. And indulging.
And, I've just found the most delicious wonderful bakery ever. And it's near my house. And the staff already know my name (maybe cause I ate there 3 times in 2 days?)
The best thing I have tried so far is their danish.
This is saying a lot since I'm not a danish person (or a Danish person... ha ha!) But they are yummy. So is their focacia.
The uber-gay staff - LOVE!

I'm loving American Gladiators!
I loved this show 20 years ago. Seriously, it was a long time ago. And, I get excited when it comes on in repeats. I love the action, the adrenaline, and the competition. When we saw it was coming on again I was thrilled, and Phat Daddy and I taped it to watch with Doodle. He wasn't quite as into it as I am, but still.
I think my favourite Gladiator is Toa - the guy who looks a little like the Rock.
I mean, look at him. He has the corniest expression, but he's so serious about it.
He has the tattoos and a nicely chiseled body.
It's kind of like watching wrestling except with more action, more fun and more realistic people! (well, kinda)

My Wonder Product

Lately my skin has been crappola. I blame it on being pregnant, and the weather changes. My skin has been dry and zitty for weeks. I tried everything I could think of and finally went to the Body Shop for advice.
Of course they had just the product I was looking for:
It's nighttime blemish fade moisturizer. It's amazing. In just 3 days it had completely cleared up all the little red blemishes all over my face. And my skin wasn't as dry as before.
Who knew such a product existed? And for $20!
It seriously is the best $20 I've spent in awhile.
And bonus, no harsh chemicals.

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Steph said...

I have debated purchasing the Body Shop skin stuff and thanks to your advice I'm heading to the Eaton Centre at lunch to pick some up and try it! Thanks!