Wednesday, January 9, 2008

W-W-Wacky Wednesday

Last night at bed time Phat Daddy read the book "Wacky Wednesday" to Doodle.
This is a favourite in our house. And, it was actually Phat Daddy's from when he was a little kid. Doodle commented that maybe he would have a Wacky Wednesday.
I'm not sure if that was a prediction of things to come or what.
But ...
Today was wacky.
Before we put Doodle to bed we started talking about his totally wacky day.
Our normal morning routine is that I wake up, shower and have breakfast, and then start waking Doodle up at about 6:10. This morning as I was watching the end of the news I heard him upstairs calling for me. (weird, since if he wakes up he just comes and finds me).
So, I got him settled on the couch and finished getting ready.
Except suddenly the power went off. and on. and off and on.
When Phat Daddy came down to help locate candles we looked outside and a transformer blew up.
Eventually we all were ready.
I went to work, and a couple hours later Phat Daddy called me to say Doodle was sick.
He stayed home for awhile and then I made my way home.
Then, proving he was sick, Doodle allowed me to convince him that we needed to go have a nap. And we both fell asleep in my bed (for 3 hours).
I can't tell you the last time that he voluntarily napped.
Of course, this was all assisted by Doodle's new favourite medicine Gravol which, instead of initially knocking him out, made him giggle non-stop for at least half an hour. So before we had naptime we had giggle time.
Weird weird weird.
His night was capped off by us allowing him to have a dinner of popsicles and freezies. (he tried to eat some other stuff, but couldn't - at least he's hydrated.)
As he kissed me goodnight he said "I loved my Wacky Wednesday."
Me too, Doodle!
But let's hope that Thursday is a little less insane.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

VERY nice space!!!

Badness Jones said...

oooh! I'm so glad I found your new space!

I have to try your wonder skin was fabulous when I was pregnant, but it has been awful since the boy was born...maybe it'll clear up once he weans?

I love Phat hubs wrote me an e-mail the other day and signed it 'Mr. Bad" - maybe I'll change his name too! I think if he's Phat Daddy, you have to have something that goes along with that...but you'll need to talk to someone more hip than me to tell you what that might be!

LoriD said...

Hee. Maybe you could convince him to proclaim a day as "Lottery Win Saturday", just to confirm whether or not he actually has a super-power!